• Cyber Security

    Security Needs Identity

    For National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) I wanted to talk briefly about the difficulty online that is identity. Online personas or identities are usually started by creating an email address, which can be done for free, anonymously, and repeatedly. For most free online email providers, there is no way to verify any of the information provided is accurate, or not intentionally misleading. Once you have an anonymous email address, you can start to sign up for other services: Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, etc.  From these anonymous identities arise several scams; spam and phishing emails, fake product reviews on Amazon, fake followers on Twitter and YouTube, and a chorus of voices…

  • Good Password
    Cyber Security

    What’s in a (good) password?

    After reading the title of this post, the thought may have crossed your mind to stop reading because you already know the ‘formula’ to make a good password. BUT, you would be incredibly mistaken to stop reading because, not only is this post bound to be one of the most riveting things you’ve ever read (okay, maybe not, but I’m going to tell myself that it is!), but also because what you may think is a secure password, is barely a challenge for software designed to crack passwords. Generally, the ‘formula’ people use to create their passwords goes something like this: take a random word, capitalize the first letter, add…