Farming Over Time

As I think back to my days growing up on the farm, one of my favorite memories was riding on the fender of my dad’s 3020 John Deere tractor during planting season.  The tractor was small and had no cab.  It pulled a four row John Deere planter and I still remember the excitement on the first day we used a new planting monitor.  The monitor was about the size of a shoe box, had four small lights, and about two or three switches.  As the memory is not very distant in my mind, the technology used in that small 3020 tractor, the planting monitor, and other technology used in farming thirty years ago is distant. 

Advances in agricultural technology are all around our farming communities.  New technology gives farming operations the ability to improve productivity and increase efficiencies with the overall goal of increased profitability.  

At American State Bank, we are dedicated to our customers, aiming to serve them by providing the best products available. We have both qualified Ag Loan Officer and Ag support staff in each of our 9 locations throughout Northwest Iowa and Southeast South Dakota.  As the cost of improving technology does not always seem attractive, it is our desire to provide opportunity and financial options so our agricultural customers can take advantage of and implement technologies in their farms or businesses. American State Bank has successfully done this by partnering and working with other loan agencies such as SBA, IADD and the USDA to name a few. 

Today’s farmer has access to a wide variety of metrics. Technology gives each farmer, agronomist, seed salesmen, and nutritionist the capability of analysis, putting data to work, using it to make the best decisions within each farming operation.  With technology continuing to evolve, precision agriculture will most certainly play an important role in the future – and we at American State Bank are confident that together we can provide the best products available at the most competitive price for our customers.

  • Eric Haveman, Vice President of Ag Lending