At Our Core

Our Customers Deserve our Dedication

At American State Bank, we do our best to live by our Core Values and use them as a guidance as we make decisions regarding all that we do.  Our vision is to deliver solutions with a great customer experience and our mission is to strengthen our customers and communities.  We are committed to the accomplishment of our mission, the adherence to our values, and the belief that employees are our number one resource.  We fully believe our Core Values of Integrity, Dedicated, Community, Caring and Innovative and want to live them out. 

For this post, I would like to focus on the core value of “dedicated”. It is our desire to be dedicated to our customers, co-workers and community.  But what does this look like?  To us, being dedicated to our customers means that we do our best to offer the best products available at the most competitive price.  Technology is always changing, and it seems that sometimes it is very difficult to keep up.  However, you have our promise of our dedication and commitment to having innovative products in order to best serve our customers.  We are also dedicated to finding the personnel to assist with whatever our customer’s needs are.  We have employees that are friendly, knowledgeable and capable of finding solutions to customer’s problems.  Our employees are dedicated to serving customers beyond the normal “business hours”.  We want customers to feel comfortable in contacting us during their times of need or stress, we are dedicated to service.

As I mentioned earlier, we believe our employees are our number one resource.  We strive to be dedicated to our co-workers, not only from a benefit and compensation standpoint, but also from an emotional standpoint.  Our staff faces adversity; whether it is financial problems, sickness, or even death.  We want to be there to lift up our co-workers and help them with their needs.  In addition to prayer support, we often hold fundraisers for employees in need, and we are dedicated to helping them in their process of healing and getting back on their feet.

Last, but certainly not least, we are dedicated to the communities that we serve.  Not only do we lend to our residents for homes, cars, boats, or for agricultural or business purposes, but also to be the leader in donating to the community’s needs.  Whether it is for a park and playground equipment, a new community center, or for the new piece of equipment for the volunteer fire department. Giving to the community is important to us. We support education and school activities.  It is important to not only support our communities financially, but we are also dedicated to having our employees volunteer at community events.  

You deserve our dedication. My hope is that all of you know how much we appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and know that we look forward to doing so for years to come!  

Dedicated to Serve,

-Stan Speer, President