Preparing to go on Vacation?

As we get into the middle of summer, everyone seems to be going on vacation! While traveling, it is important to understand the proper safety tips to follow when it comes to protecting your bank account information. I’d like to cover some helpful steps that you can take to protect your bank account information while away from home.

When preparing to go on vacation, it is highly advised to put a travel notice on your debit or credit cards. This way, we know that it is indeed you that is using your cards, and not someone suspicious. Informing your financial institution about when and where you are traveling is a great place to start. This will make things easier for you while being gone, because the last thing you want is to have your card get declined while making a purchase in an unexpected location.

Another helpful tip is to clean out your wallet or purse. When traveling, it may be in your best interest to limit yourself to just a couple of cards. I would suggest you try to stick to using only one card, but it is smart to bring a backup card just in case you would lose your other card.

If you happen to lose your debit card while on vacation, we at American State Bank offer a product called Shazam Bolt$. Shazam Bolt$ is a mobile app that allows you to instantly freeze your debit card. If you were to lose your debit card, this app allows you to stop any transactions made on your card with a push of a button. If you find your card later, you can unfreeze your card, which allows you to use it as normal. You can also call your financial institution and have them put a hold on your debit card as well.

In Shazam Bolt$, you can also set up different alerts for your debit card transactions to help you track your spending and keep an eye out for any unauthorized transactions. We have integrated the option to navigate directly to the Shazam Bolt$ app within our ASB Mobile app using the “Freeze your Debit Card” option in the More menu. I highly recommend that you check it out!

While you are on vacation, it is also smart to monitor your daily transactions using your mobile banking app. Reviewing your transactions on your mobile app while on vacation will reassure you that your debit card information has not been stolen and is being used by a 3rd party.

These are just a few quick tips for keeping your information safe while traveling this summer. I hope this helped you prepare for your future adventures – make it a great day!

-Jordan Acevedo, E-Solutions Specialist